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O nas

Foreign Language Teaching Centre PRESTIGE was founded in 1997 byMargaret Kołakowska – English Philology at Warsaw Universitypostgraduate, a superb English teacher and an outstandingpedagogue.Our tutors form a professional team of highly qualified individualswho gained their merits in Great Britain, USA and Germany.If one wishes, we are able to match and create the appropriatelanguage training scheme (general, certificate, business, specialpurposes or Callan Method), optimal length of the course, carry outlanguage workshops suitable to a specific work groups (based on heworkload and language needs of the employees) and bring off theworker’s qualifications to the company’s requirements. Based on theanalysis of the employees’ duties in each department, we can createan optimal extent of the language course, hence let you avoidunnecessary costs, consequential to a wrongly assigned courseleading to the workers not using the learnt abilities.A thorough knowledge of our clients’ needs have made us widen ouroffer to more specialized language courses for doctors, nurses andpublic sector workers planning their work in the EU countries, andOffice & Business English.Our school is dynamic, friendly and yours to try.The aim of the course is to enable to acquire English in a degreesufficient to communicate in a widely-understood businessenvironment.Our offer is adjusted to individual needs of our clientsand the curriculum is created according to theirwishes.