Egzaminacyjne - Częstochowa

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    Choose the best alternative to complete thesesentences.1. Iisamarehasfrom Poland.2. Shelikelikesdont likeiscomputers.3.WhereWhatWhichWhodo you work?4. He finishes workinonattofive oclock.5. She isanathe-engineer.6. Can you swim? No, Icandontam notcant7.ThisThereTheyThatare six flats in the block.8. What is Tomdodoesdoingdidat the moment?9. home last night.10. Peterbuycomewentboughta new TV yesterday.11. The Browns have threechildrenpeoplechildperson12.I likelistenlisteninghearhearingto music.13. Doctors and nurses work in apost officechemistsrestauranthospital14. There is a restaurantatinonbetweenthe corner of Dabrowski Street and Racawicka Street15. Are you studying…
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